PLM 06-11 Honda Civic Si 4-2-1 Race Header - 8th Gen K-Series 2006-2011

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PLM Race Header 06-11 Honda Civic Si

The PLM 06-11 Honda Civic Si 8th Gen Private Label Manufacturer 4-2-1 Race Header for the 2006-2011 Civic Si K-Series (k20z3) motor. This race header provides serious power, quality, fitment and comes with a great price tag that anyone can afford. Its a complete bolt-on solution that doesnt require any cutting or modifications. You can install and go. Fits 8th generation Civics with k series motor. This header comes with straight pipe included, aka cat delete. This header bolts directly to your exhaust via the 2.5inch outlet.

How does this compare to other headers?

This header produces the most power for an off the shelf header we have seen on the 8th gen motor, next to one other header. Its also the most affordable header we sell so this puts this header at the top of the list for power per dollar.

Can you run a supercharger with this header?

Yes you fully can, in fact these headers have proven to be able to handle 400+hp and above. Therefore these can flow and flow fast.

Do you need a rear motor mount?

A lot of people ask this and on this specific header the answer isnt black and white. But we can say that most of the time this header fits without needing a rear motor mount, adding one to the car is good measure for anyone who is adding on a header. This reduces the chances of cracking as well makes for a more solid drive, the only draw back with a rear motor mount is the increased vibration and noise into the cabin. Some like it, some dont. But with this header you at least have a chance of not having to run one at all.

Do you need flashpro?

You do not need flashpro to run the PLM v1 header. In fact this goes for any header on the 8th gen Civic Si. But adding a flashpro or ktuner to your car will eliminate the need for a cel eliminator and can eliminate the check engine light that can come on due to the o2 sensor reading the catalytic not being on the car.

"This is one of the best performing headers for the 8th generation Civic Si. Its the top power producing out there and there just isnt a header this good anywhere for this low of a price. -- HARDmotion


Fitment: 2007 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Honda Civic Si Sedan & Coupe
Chassis: fg2 & fa5
Power Gains: 10+hp



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7 Reviews

  • 4
    Amazing bang for the buck

    Posted by Sameer Ahmad on Nov 30th 2020

    This product is great for the price. The only other option that performs on the same level would be the skunk 2 alpha header which would be more expensive since you also need motor mounts with it. It was an easy install, honestly, the hardest part was getting the OEM header out but it wasn't too bad. Installing the header was easy. That being said the only reason this product got 4 stars is that it does leak at the slip joints when the engine is cold. It does not affect the performance or anything but it should be noted as it is a minor annoyance. It seals up when it's warmed up but do expect leaks when cold. If you get this header, it is a must that you use red Loctite on the slip joint bolts so they don't come loose, and make sure to hammer the slip joints with a rubber mallet for the best seal possible. Another must-have is the vibrant doughnut gasket because that will prevent the leaks at the test pipe. The included gasket is trash which also applies to the skunk 2 header. A highly recommended addition would be a new OEM upstream o2 sensor. I know everyone getting this probably has an older si with a lot of miles so if you haven't changed the o2 sensor that you must do it, I had to get a new o2 sensor because my AFRs were all messed up. If you get a new o2 sensor make sure it is the Denso one. DO NOT CHEAP OUT ON A O2 SENSOR. Trust me guys you should not cheap out on any of the other products I recommended. Modding a car is not cheap and you must get quality parts if you want things to be reliable. You WILL REGRET it later because you will have to get the mentioned products for a proper header install. Also, a side note is that the header does not come with the 3 bolts you will need to mount up the header to your exhaust. If you have a stock exhaust you will need 3 14mm bolts and nuts but if you get an aftermarket exhaust, you should be fine as they usually come with them (or at least the full-race 3in did). To finish off, this is a great product with really good gains. I would definitely recommend this as a budget option.

  • 5
    Easiest install

    Posted by LLoyd W on Dec 10th 2019

    Super easy install, took the car out, no flashpro and could tell there were gains. Cant wait to get my flashpro from you guys and then select the right tune and see how much more it pulls. Super fast shipping as well.

  • 3
    Good bang for buck

    Posted by Garrett Stout on Oct 31st 2019

    Shipping was fast and easy! Once received, I began assembling the header (it comes in multiple pieces, not one solid unit like other headers) and I realized there was no bung for the upstream o2 sensor. If you're running a tune, this sensor is no longer used anyway, but since there is no bung, there's really no place to put it. I just removed mine. The other downfall is there are no hangers on the header itself which puts a lot of stress on the connection at the head -- resulted in some leaking for me. I welded a hanger onto it to utilize the OEM hanger position behind the 4-2 spot on the header. Great product for what you pay, but, you get what you pay for -- PLM cut some corners.

  • 5
    Fast shipping, awesome company

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 3rd 2019

    Thank you, fast shipping, love my header!

  • 4
    very nice!

    Posted by Cuarhure Yang on Dec 14th 2018

    It arrived within a week! Awesome delivery! It is in immaculate shape and no broken parts! One thing I gotta point out though, the holes that are wielded in to the 2-1 part that I'm suppose to bolt the screw and nut into are not aligned so therefore I cant put the screw through. Hopefully the cat converter will hold it up and stay connected to the headers.

  • 5
    Super Fast Shipping!!!!!

    Posted by Craig on Jul 20th 2017

    PLM HEADER + FAST SHIPPING = 10/10 YES A+ Will definitely be using you guys from now on. Love the header, super great quality and design for the price!

  • 5
    Awesome header and fast shipping

    Posted by H Thompson on Jul 11th 2017

    Love my plm header, it looks so amazing. Even better in person. Install was a breeze and took the car out and the gains were incredible. Really picked up some sound with the exhaust as well. Super fast shipping, thank you!

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