Current Shipping Times

Current Shipping Times

Hello Friends, Family and new Customers!

Here are the current shipping times and what process to expect.

1. You place your order via our site and will receive an invoice #, this will also be emailed to you.

2. We receive the order during business hours. Each item has its own case per case basis timeframe.

3. As of 2022, we have upgraded our systems and processes. There are a lot of items that ship same business day on our website. The inventory QTY will be listed and usually a tag on the page notes the inventory as shipping same business day. Within 24 business hours you should have your tracking number emailed to you, keep an eye out for that email. 

4. As we come out of the pandemic and supply chain delays, we are noticing products are becoming more available and shipping on a timely basis. If there is any timeframe thats longer than a few days we ALWAYS reach out to you on the timeframe. Keep in mind any products that are manufacturer controlled will be nationwide the same at all dealers as far as timeframes. Sometimes it can take 3-5 business days to get that information from the manufacturer. Anything beyond that timeframe which is the normal timeframe for most performance shops, we will reach out to let you know the estimated timeframe personally.

5. Keep in mind that we have strived to provide the best service in a tough industry that was hit hard during the pandemic. We feel we excel at providing top notch speed of service and as such this page is a clear understanding that we are one of the most transparent automotive shops and will gladly give you real understanding of the process start to finish.

6. You will 100% receive information from us on your order in form of either tracking # or a customer service rep will tell you the expected time frame. We are always immediately working on your order as soon as it arrives and love what we do.

Thank you again for choosing us and allow us to serve you!

If you want more questions answered check out our FAQ (frequently asked questions page its very helpful)

Your Friends @,

HARDmotion Team