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Hello, please read this page in its entirety before sending a message as it has important instructions.

Where is my order (shipping times)? 
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Got a question? READ our FAQ First it 99% of the may have your answer

Need further assistance? If you are requesting an update on shipping time and its been less then 5 business days, please allow us time to reach out to your first. If you need a shipping update on a pre-order, please allow the ETA time to expire first, tracking will be sent.

1. If you have questions about your order, please login and send us a message directly through your control panel.
2. If you have a sales question or checked out as a guest, please use the message system below.
3. Emergency contact, message us through instagram, please do not use this unless you have given us a few days to respond.
4. Please also see our FAQ / Terms for more answers before sending us a question. If a question has been answered here we may not be able to reply to your contact. So check here first.

Product wait times and customer service is much busier than usual. We are processing orders as they are received and may not have the info for you before that time. Please give us some time to respond to you. Your patience is much appreciated. For shipping information and FAQ please read the above two pages.

-- HARDmotion Team

Business Days & Hours : Monday-Friday 10am-6pm. 

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