Buddy Club P1 Rear Camber Arm for 06-11 & 12-14 Honda Civic

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The Buddy Club P1 Rear Camber Arm part #BC02-CBKP1FG-R for 06-11 & 12-14 Honda Civic is a high quality japanese made adjustable rear camber arm that allows you to fine tune rear camber. On the 8th and 9th generation 06-11 & 12-14+ Honda Civics, that rear camber is controlled by an upper control arm. This arm needs to be replaced with the buddy club adjustable length arm so you can adjust camber. Most coilover kits allow adjustment in the fronts but the rear you will always need camber kit even at a slight drop. Increase rear camber will reduce braking grip as well wear down the inside of your tires. Allthough increased rear camber can help response on the front end you generally want a near oem spec camber point. Made to be high quality and lightweight, these are a great addition to any lowered suspension.

06-11 Honda Civic 8thcivic (coupe or sedan, si or non-si)
12-15 Honda Civic 9thcivic (coupe or sedan, si or non-si)

Part #: BC02-CBKP1FG-Ran, si or non-si) Sold in pairs.