Hybrid Racing 10th Gen Civic Short Shifter 2016-2020

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Hybrid Racing 10th Gen Civic Short Shifter 2016-2020

The hybrid racing short shifter kit for the 2016-2020 Honda Civic, this include the base model, the Si model and even the legendary Type-R. This newly released kit comes from Hybrid Racings Superior knowledge of shifter kits for Honda / Acura applications that goes back nearly a decade. There attention to detail always puts them at the top for quality as well as very fair pricing for their excellent performance they offer. This kit not only allows for a shorter throw, there is shifter placement adjustment as well as height adjustment. Giving you the ultimate in control and adjustability. The fully metal construction parts ways from the oem plastic and brings the entire kit into a much more solid and shorter shift. With the adjustability there is no wishing it was better, you design your shift to how you like, period!

Offered in the slick anodized red and black, the hybrid racing shifter fits the 2016-2020 10th Gen Civic models perfectly, each and every model that has a manual transmission all accept this shifter.

"When it comes to shifter, Hybrid Racing has always been at the forefront of quality, performance and price" -- HARDmotion Team

10th Civic Hybrid Racing Short Shifter Overview

  • Smooth, precise and direct shifts!
  • Compact 4-Link Wishbone
  • Anodized Billet Aluminum & One-Piece Steel Frame
  • Height Adjustable Shift Knob
  • Customizable Spring Stiffness
  • Internal Spring & One-Piece Cup Design
  • ZERO Console Modification Necessary
  • Race tested for durability & reliability
  • 10-50% Adjustable throw

Short throw reduction:

Civic Sport MT (FC2/FC4/FK7) – (10%-50%) Reduction
Civic Si (FC1/FC3 Si) – (10%-30%) Reduction
Civic Type-R (FK8) – (+10%-20%) Reduction


Civic Sport MT / Civic Si / Civic Type-R
Chassis codes: FC2 / FC4 / FK7 / FC1 / FC3 / FK8

Part # / Sku:

HYB-SAS-01-36 - red
HYB-SAS-01-37 - black


Backed by Hybrid Racer’s Guarantee 2-Year Warranty there is no excuse why you would choose anything else!

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