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Hybrid Racing 12-15 Civic Si Performance Shifter Cables 9th Gen

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  • Hybrid Racing 9th Gen Civic Performance Shifter Cables 12-15 Civic Si (HYB-SCA-01-20)
  • Hybrid Racing 9th Gen Civic Performance Shifter Cables 12-15 Civic Si (HYB-SCA-01-20)
  • Hybrid Racing 9th Gen Civic Performance Shifter Cables 12-15 Civic Si (HYB-SCA-01-20)
  • Hybrid Racing 9th Gen Civic Performance Shifter Cables 12-15 Civic Si (HYB-SCA-01-20)
  • Hybrid Racing 9th Gen Civic Performance Shifter Cables 12-15 Civic Si (HYB-SCA-01-20)
  • Hybrid Racing 9th Gen Civic Performance Shifter Cables 12-15 Civic Si (HYB-SCA-01-20)



Hybrid Racing Shifter Cables 2012-2015 Honda Civic Si

The Hybrid Racing cables are a performance upgrade replacement for stock OEM cables. which are prone to stretch and arent built with performance in mind. The hybrid racing units use solid rod ends, 30% thicker cable core and spherical bearings, which give the cables a firmer, tighter feel over OEM cables resulting in fewer missed shifts and a more connected feel to the chassis. The Hybrid Racing Cables are well known throughout the Honda world as being a major upgrade and they pair very well with a car with or without a shifter upgrade.

We created a cable to give people peace of mind and improved driving performance when they shift hard and during demanding racing applications and the Hybrid Racing performance cables achieve this goal!

Other notable features of the Hybrid Racing cables are spherical bearings, stainless steel push rods, and upgraded stainless steel swivel support tubes (oem are plastic) that are known to break on the OEM cables. All of the rod ends, and mounting bushings are CNC machined 6061 aluminum that have been heat treated and coated with a black hard anodized before being laser etched with the Hybrid Racing logo and flair.

Are these cables a direct replacement for my OEM 9th gen style cables?

Yes! The OEM cable that controls the right/left motion of the shifter has been upgraded from a plastic twist-lock bushing to aluminum bushings and spring clip.  This aluminum bushing simplifies installation a bit, but more importantly, it gets rid of yet another plastic part that tends to flex on the OEM cables, leading to a sloppy feeling shift. The extra spring clips that you will need to install the Hybrid Racing cables are included so you will not need to buy any other parts. An easy to follow installation tips sheet can be found on our site to make installation as worry-free as possible.

What is included with these shifter cables?

The kit comes with two shifter cables; each shifter cable set includes two cotter pins, clips for the shifter end, and transmission selector lever springs. The upgraded gear selector springs aren't required but are recommended to further improve the feel of your gear changes.

"A serious upgrade for those looking for better shifter feel, better durability and overall a performance upgrade to their shifting system" -- HARDmotion Team


  • Replaces OEM 9th gen civic shifter cables (K-Series only)
  • Solid rod ends and spherical bearings (not rubber like OEM cables)
  • Anodized Billet aluminum construction
  • Stainless steel cables and cable guides
  • High heat, wire reinforced sleeve
  • Set of 2 cables, gear selector springs and pins


2012 2013 2014 2015 Civic Si
Coupe and Sedan fb6 fg4

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2 Reviews

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    These shifter cables are the truth.

    Posted by Jacob kelley on Aug 18th 2021

    The shifter cable not only comes with built in bushings, trans selctor springs and they are adjustable for proper fine tuning. They just feel more solid overall, I paired this with the hybrid shifter as well, which was $100 cheaper than the acuity and I cant be more happy with it. 5 STAR service from hardmotion and 5 star for hybrid racing product quality. Overall very happy, got my items fast (during the pandemic). As I know a lot of stuff takes longer as Ive been dealing with all year.

  • 4

    Hard Install

    Posted by Anthony on Oct 30th 2019

    I purchased these cables because I had incorrectly installed Acuity bushings/springs which broke my OEM shifter cables during hard use. Product works and can take a beating compared to stock. Shifts are a lot tighter. This was not an easy install. Something I didn't like was having to cut the insulator part that runs from the shifting knob to the transmission. Expect a slight increase in noise as this is an expected modification to correctly install these cables. Guide was a little too vague so you're required to either be a mechanic or have a creative mind.

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