MR1900 Supercharger Kit 12-15 Civic Si


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MR1900 SuperCharger 2012-2015 Honda Civic Si

The monster has finally arrived for you 9th gen civic si owners, the MR1900 Supercharger kit capable of 500HP on e85 and a 10 second quarter mile, 400hp range on pump gas. This nearly complete kit has everything you could want , ready to go complete install and bolt on. All thats missing is injectors and fuel pump. This kit includes the aftercooler

"Hold on to your seats! The MR1900 500HP Supercharger is here and ready to go, nearly instant throttle response and power on tap, with the aggressive supercharger whine = a major win! -- HARDmotion Team

Supercharger kit for all 12-15 Civic Si (k24z7)

  • Capable of 400+ HP pump gas system and 500  HP+ with E85+ (with the cooling system installed)
  • MR1900 TVS Supercharger
  • The system provides increased power and increased efficiency over the 900 and 1320 kits.  
  • Proven to run 10 second at the 1/4 Mile on a full weight 3100 pound Civic Si.  Imagine what you can do on a dedicated lower weight drag car.


  • Complete MR1900 TVS supercharger kit with billet 3.5 pulley.
  • Aftercooler kit (complete package)
  • High quality finish CNC inlet – ready for Stock thru 74mm throttle bodies
  • Billet blower adapter and mounting hardware
  • Manifold and related hardware
  • 12-15 Civic adjustable Belt tensioner

12-15 Civic Si
k20Z7 Motor

Power Gains:
400+ HP on gas
500+ HP on e85