K-Tuned 9th Gen 2012-2015 Civic Si Short Ram Intake


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K-Tuned 9th Gen 2012-2015 Civic Si Short Ram Intake

The K-Tuned Short Ram Intake for the 2012-2105 Civic Si 9th Gen, this intake comes in 3.0inch and 3.5, some can get by running the 3.0 on a stock tune, but both the 3.0 and 3.5 intake need to have flashpro, especially the 3.5, its fully required. The power difference on the 3.5 is noticable. As well with flashpro or ktuner combined, this will help net even more power. The throttle response and sound on these intakes are amazing. As are most any intake with naturally aspirated Honda engine with VTEC. 

The difference of this intake vs the other 9th gen budget intake, is the routing and usage of a battery relocation. This intake routes the piping behind the headlight allowing much colder air to come into the engine, unlike the budget intake which routes back towards the firewall and essentially the hot part of the engine (near the downpipe). The good part about this intake is you dont really have to worry about hydrolock. As well you can add on the cold-air piping and go full cold air.

The piping is mandrel bent and powder coated black for durablility and proper air flow. The filter is a large high flow cone filter, pretty much a standard for performance intakes.

Power Gains:
3.0 inch - 6hp
3.5 inch -10-12HP 3.5 inch

Sound changes:
Expect a much more throaty loud intake note, it really commands and sounds wonderful under acceleration, especially when you hit high-cam vtec mode.

2012 2013 2014 2015 Honda Civc Si (si only, no r18 1.8L)
K24z7 Engine

Requirements (please read):
Flashpro or ktuner for 3.5 is for sure
Flashpro or ktuner for 3.0 is highly recommended
A stainless steel clutch line, either a hardmotion line or cmc kit or the k-tuned cmc kit which we sell on the site.
We also carry flashpro and ktuner on the site if needed.