AodHan DS-03 Wheels

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AodHan DS-03 Wheels

The DS-03 is a True Directional Fan Design With an Aggressive Deep Dish Lip in all chrome finishes for the high end look. Great for any car looking to really add that touch of high end style. One piece wheel with brilliant vacuum finishes, flush center cap and a 3inch to nearly 4inch lip the larger you go in width and lower offset. The true directional style means there is a different wheel for each side so the direction goes the same on both sides. 

"True directional wheel with supreme brilliant finishes to round out a super high end look and style that looks great on any stylish car! -- HARDmotion Team

Sizes: (use only the specifications below)

18x9.5 5x100 +35


Black Vacuum w/ Gold Rivets

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