Exedy Stage 2 Clutch for K20 / K24 08951 & 08905 08951P4

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Exedy Stage 2 Clutch for K-Series | 3 & 4 Puck Sport Edition

The Exedy Stage 2 Clutch for K-Series motors w/ k20 or k24 engines, part # 08951, 08951P4. This upgraded clutch is capable of handling more power and torque than of course the stage 1 Exedy. With that you have 290 lb/ft tq load handling capability. This is generally a 400-600hp Honda vehicle. This is also a safer choice for lower hp cars who are running slicks and need a clutch able to withstand more abuse. This kit has the cerametallic surface which is a more durable surface than the organic stage 1 and can handle more slipping, abuse and heat. All Exedy cerametallic clutch discs have spring center dampers to reduce impact and shock loads that can be sent into the drive train, this dampens the stress on the transmission and the rest of the drivetrain system. The main difference of the 4puck over the 3puck is of course as clearly as it looks, one extra puck is more material which smooths out engagement, gives more surface area and should last longer. This would be more streetable. The 3 puck is however the standard setup and its meant to give more kick, be faster. You cant go wrong with either and we have many vehicles running these in their cars. Pick which works best for you.

"The exedy stage 2 is the step above the stage 1 disc, use this if you are looking to have higher than 400hp and are going to be running slicks or tracking it often" -- HARDmotion Team

There are also two types of Exedy Stage 2's, read below for the explanation of each.

Comes with:

  • Clutch Disc & Clutch Plate
  • Alignement tool
  • Throw-out bearing

Exedy Stage 2 K-series overview:

3 Puck vs 4 Puck, 3 puck is more race orientated and faster/lighter, 4 puck is smoother and lasts longer. Both hold the same.

3 Puck 08951: The standard 3 puck, this is what most get for race applications, to get that extra snap and its lighter and quicker.
4 Puck08951P4: This is the 4 puck sport version, more streetable, longer wear times.

Longevity: Even though this has higher tq holding, this clutch will most likely not last as long as the stage 1. The stage 1 however if its always being slipped because of slicks and super high horsepower, then that clutch would ultimately fail faster. If you plan on just street driving and not running slicks, we suggest just sticking with the exedy stage 1.

2002-2005 Honda Civic Si (Needs HF02)
2006-2011 Honda Civic Si
2006-2011 Honda Civic Non-Si (Needs HF02)
2012-2015 Honda Civic Si (Needs HF02)
2002-2006 Acura RSX (Needs HF02)
2002-2006 Acura RSX Type-S
2004-2008 Acura TSX (Needs HF02)
2003-2007 Accord (Needs HF02)

We highly reccomend the HF02 Exedy Flywheel with this application, but you do not have to use it.
Needs HF02 = Exedy Lightweight Hf02 Flywheel or RSX Type-S / 06-11 Civic Si OEM Spec Flywheel

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  • 5
    exedy clutch

    Posted by Lee C Moua on Dec 9th 2017

    Love the product got fast and easy to order..thanks

  • 5
    Great Product!!!

    Posted by Joseph(8thgen_si_fg2) on Sep 3rd 2017

    Great Proddcut hold up very wheel in demanding applications. I personally have had it on my supercharged si and did very well. Launches great and holds the tourqe couldn't ask for a better setup. I personally paired it with a Exedy Lightweight Flywheel also bought from hardmotion. Great job at hardmotion, always best price and always willing to help with any knowledge, cant beat that. Most of these big companies that sell aftermarket stuff are in it to make money but hardmotion try's it best to provide the very very best prices to its customers while still maintaining customer service and knowledge.

  • 5
    Great clutch, holds the power.

    Posted by Craig Avery on Jul 18th 2017

    Great clutch, holds the power on my boosted setup perfectly. Drives great, doing hard launches at the track no problems. Def suggest ordering from hardmotion, these guys know there stuff and ship insane fast.