CT-Engineering SuperCharger Kit for 2012-2015 Civic Si - 9th gen K24Z7

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The CT-Engineering SuperCharger for the 9th Generation 2012-2015 Honda Civic Si 2.4L. This eaton style supercharger produces quick throttle response, great power from bottom to top end and is easy to install and maintain. Also these systems are upgradable and can be tuned for great power. These kits are complete bolt on and offer a very drivable power that works perfectly for the street or track.

Whats included:
Carbon Fiber Fuel Rail Cover, Eaton Blower, Bracket, Pullies and all necessary hardware.

What each stage gets you:
Stage 1: 550cc DeatschWerks Injectors w/ 3.8 pulley
Stage 1.5: 550cc DeatschWerks Injectors w/ 3.6 pulley
Stage 2: 750-1000cc DeatschWerks Injectors w/ 3.15 pulley

Stage 1: 255-275hp+ @ 6-7psi
Stage 1.5: 260-280hp+ @7-8psi
Stage 2: 290-300hp+ @ 9psi

Whats needed:
Stage 1: Flashpro
Stage 1.5: Flashpro & Aftermarket Intake
Stage 2: Flashpro & Aftermarket Intake

We recommend Intake, Downpipe and Exhaust to take full advantage of this kit. We have several combo packages available.

Part #: 350-094
Carb Legal Pending

2012 2013 2014 2015 Honda Civic Si Fb6 FG4 9th Gen

Custom kit:
Need a certain pulley just make the note at checkout