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Hybrid Racing Low Temp Thermostat (K20Z3 & K24A2, K24Z7)

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  • Hybrid Racing Low Temp Thermostat (K20Z3 & K24A2, K24Z7)
  • Hybrid Racing Low Temp Thermostat (K20Z3 & K24A2, K24Z7)
  • Hybrid Racing Low Temp Thermostat (K20Z3 & K24A2, K24Z7)
  • Hybrid Racing Low Temp Thermostat (K20Z3 & K24A2, K24Z7)
  • Hybrid Racing Low Temp Thermostat (K20Z3 & K24A2, K24Z7)
  • Hybrid Racing Low Temp Thermostat (K20Z3 & K24A2, K24Z7)


Hybrid Racing Low Temp Thermostat (K20Z3 & K24A2, K24Z7) 06-11 Civic Si , 12-15 Civic Si, 04-08 TSX

Discover the undeniable advantages of employing a low-temperature thermostat in high-performance and race settings. We understand the critical role this component plays in optimizing your engine's performance. By initiating the thermostat's valve at a lower temperature, low-temp thermostats enable a smoother flow of coolant during low-load track sections, ensuring your engine stays within its optimal temperature range during high-load moments. If your cooling system faces the heat of the race and overheating threatens, a low-temperature thermostat often comes to the rescue. It facilitates increased cooling during lower engine loads, effectively staving off overheating during intense engine demands.

Crafted specifically for Honda / Acura K20Z3, K24A1, K24A2 & K24Z7 engines, this component is tailored to perfection.

Let's delve into the key reasons why low-temperature thermostats are indispensable:

  1. Enhanced Engine Cooling: These thermostats let coolant flow freely at lower temperatures, significantly boosting engine cooling efficiency. With their ability to kick in at a lower temperature, they keep your engine operating optimally during high-stress conditions, preventing overheating and ensuring consistent performance, particularly in the heat of racing or high-performance driving.

  2. Preventing Temperature Fluctuations: Poor-quality thermostats can lead to temperature hunting, causing erratic fluctuations in coolant temperature. Low-temperature thermostats, on the other hand, are engineered to tackle this issue by managing coolant flow more effectively. This stability in temperature safeguards against problems like cracked cylinder heads and eases the burden on your cooling system.

  3. Superior Durability: High-quality low-temperature thermostats, exemplified by the offerings from Nippon Thermostat Co. Ltd in our selection, undergo rigorous durability tests. These include cycles of heating and cooling, vibration tests, and real-world trials in both street and race vehicles. The result? Thermostats built to withstand demanding conditions, reducing the risk of failure and ensuring long-lasting performance.

  4. Tailored Cooling Systems: Low-temp thermostats grant you the freedom to fine-tune your engine's cooling system. They provide precise control over coolant flow and temperature regulation, empowering enthusiasts and engineers to optimize cooling performance based on specific requirements. This level of customization proves invaluable in racing, where precise temperature management is pivotal for maintaining peak engine performance.

In summary, low-temperature thermostats deliver superior engine cooling, quell temperature fluctuations, offer impressive durability, and enable tailored cooling solutions. These advantages establish them as indispensable components, especially in high-performance scenarios where maintaining ideal temperatures is paramount for engine performance and longevity.

Our HYPERCOOL thermostats hail from an OEM supplier with a storied legacy dating back to 1954. These thermostats grace over 50% of cars manufactured in Japan and find widespread use in prestigious motorsports events like Le Mans and WRC. Given the critical role thermostats play, especially when it comes to the dire consequences of a malfunction, we subject our low-temperature thermostats to uncompromising testing. This includes exhaustive cycles of heating and cooling, vibration assessments, engine bench evaluations, and real-world trials in both street and race vehicles. When it comes to durability, we leave no stone unturned.

Part #: HYB-LTT-01-15


2006-2011 Honda Civic Si (K-Series K20Z3)
2012-2015 Honda Civic Si (K-Series K24Z7)
2013-2015 Acura ILX Premium (MT Only - K-Series K24Z7)
2004-2008 Acura TSX  (K-Series K24A2)
2007-2014 Honda CR-V (K-Series K24Z1)


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