Covid-19 Shipping Times

Covid-19 Shipping Times

Hello Friends, Family and new Customers!

Due to Covid-19 & Combined stimulus checks / tax season, the industry as a whole has two new challenges to overcome.

1. Tax Season and Stimulus checks combined have given the end user much more buying power than usual, even just isolation causes us to have more money in the bank and thus we are buying more online. This has increased purchases at all dealers and manufacturers beyond their typical supply. Thus demand is outweighing supply and manufacturers are trying their best to cope, which is causing widespread backorders. 

2. Each item is different and we work hard to secure each item for you as quickly as possible, we have increased our inventory to "bridge the gap" between outages as much as possible.

3. We have also seen our own surge in orders and this is slowing things down, on top of having to check on orders continuously, manufacturers customer service are slower to respond to sometimes not at all. As well a lot of items are on backorder, so there are delays all together in shipping and customer service response times.

4. Backordering is becoming more common at this time. Some are short 7-14 days, some 30-60. At any point beyond that we are generally refunding orders to "allow you to keep your money" until which time we can facilitate the part in a timely manner.

We are happy to continue to supply you with car parts as usual, but we ask for extreme patience and understanding as we try our best to overcome this new temporary challenge. Customer service is trying their best to field all incoming questions as there are now surges in "where is my order" emails and very understandably so. This however is absorbing our time to actually get the job done of delivery and securing your item. 

5. Please keep in mind 7-60 days maybe the norm for deliveries at this time. If its anything over that we generally are going to refund. The items listed on the page fluctuate daily, so we can not unlist items at this time as we dont know when they may come back.

You will find this to be the same elsewhere in our opinion. 

We again ask for patience on this matter, we promise we will get you the part, it will just be a wait. 

Your Friends @,

HARDmotion Team