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06-11 & 12-15 Honda Civic Si EM1 Nissin CMC & Stainless Steel Clutch Line Upgrade

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Product Description

HARDmotion K-Series EM1 CMC & HD Slave Kit V2.0 "2nd gear grind fix"

The HARDmotion 06-11 / 12-15 Civic Si & Acura RSX EM1 CMC & Stainless steel clutch line kit. This kit comes with an upgraded clutch line, its a HD unit thats sealed & coated stainless steel (to prevent dirt from the engine bay getting into an exposed steel wrap and wearing it or bursting it). With an oem em1 Nissin Clutch Master Cylinder. If you are grinding any gears, having difficulty shifting, slow shifts or get completely locked out during a high rpm shift. This is the solution!

How does it work? The factory has two delay valves in the cmc and the slave. We use a cmc and slave that are high quality long lasting and that do not contain these delay valves. The delay valves in the oem units are built to make the clutch pedal less dramatic when it grabs. The drawback is the transmission and clutch do not disconnect fast enough at high rpm with the oem units and you get a grind. With our upgraded units as a system it allows the clutch to disengage properly and quickly (just like honda used to make it) why we are using a em1 cmc and our own slave unit which are built to function properly and alleviate the grinding issue and increase the overall performance and feel. These units once installed made a dramatic difference on every car we have tested it in personally. We have dealerships who use this on customer cars and honda certified master techs who also agree this solution works. We have sold over 300+ units and we constantly get recommendations as the best kit out.

Why choose our kit over others? Our kit is way more affordable than our competitor and comes with the same if not better parts + free shipping. Your saving over $50 dollars and getting a higher quality SS line at the same time and you get the proper parts and slave that complete the system as a whole. The problem is most people just do the CMC only, when the slave is the actual final piece that connects to the trans. If one or the other isnt working and isnt working fast you will get grinds.

We guarantee it will work!: You wont find this anywhere else and backed with a satisfaction guarantee. If it doesnt work, return it and we will refund your money in full.

1. Nissin EM1 CMC (clutch master cylinder)
2. Heavy Duty Rubber Coated Stainless Line & Specialized Fittings
3. HARDmotion HD Slave Cylinder (optional & highly recommended)

Q & A:

1. Does this fix second gear lockout, misshifts or high rpm shift grind? YES!
2. Is everything included for the swap? Yes, every fitting, line and part is included in this kit.
3. Do you ship to canada and puerto rico? Yes we do, FREE Shipping.
4. Does this help protect the transmission? Yes this helps protect your synchros from getting damaged!
5. Is this a must have modification? In our opinion yes every single k-series motor that has issues shifting should swap over to prevent major mechanical damage.

For install instructions & help. Please scroll down below for information and pointers.

8th gen Civic: 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Civic Si
9th gen Civic: 2012 2013 2014 2015 Civic Si
Acura RSX: 2002 2003 2004 2005 2005 Base & Type-S (manual)
Acura TSX (Manual)

Installation Help: The EM1 CMC basics you need to know.

1. The HARDmotion em1 clutch master cylinder (cmc) needs to be taken apart. From there upon uninstalling your stock CMC, you use your stock clutch master cylinder internals inside the em1 housing. The housing is what helps provide proper pressure to the slave cylinder. At the very least be sure to swap over the rod from the stock housing.
2. You are receiving a dry brand new nissin CMC, the same that honda uses for the OEM vehicles. You may have trouble bleeding or getting pedal pressure the first time. What you need to do which a lot of people are successful with is "bench bleed" the cmc.
This information is all over the internet with videos and tutorials on how to do so. Another method is using a vaccum bleeder.
3. Here is a diagram below on one way to install the guts of the CMC.

4. In the end there are tons of diys on this mod, even videos. Simply searching "diy em1 cmc install" usually pulls up lots of pages which will help assist you. We know there are many ways to go about it, so we allow you to find what works best for you. Just be sure to take your time with understanding and bleeding the system and knowing to swap the internals beforehand. 5. How hard is it? Everyone has been able to install this item themselves. It can take from 1-2 hours if proper preparation and bleeding is done.


Product Reviews

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  1. shifts like a hot knife thru a stick of butter!!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Dec 7th 2017

    I was having an issues sliding it into gear during cold starts and even with the car fully warmed up it was notchy during shifts. While at stop lights I'd have to force it into first from time to time and it was beginning to be annoying. Was thinking of going with the K Tuned cmc and slave till a buddy of mine told me to just get the kit Hardmotion had. I can't thank him enough. Took me roughly and hour to install and now my ride shifts like butter. Messed around and speed shifted from 1st ripping thru gears all the way thru 4th with no problem whatsoever. I highly recommend this to anyone having issues with their stock cmc and slave cylinders!

  2. I can shift again ! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Nov 21st 2017

    Easy install and great product my car no longer grinds . Recomend with the slave as well

  3. 2006-2011 Honda EM1 cmc & Slave 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Nov 18th 2017

    This is legit. Easy install. Just don't take a shortcut like me and BENCH BLEED the CMC.


    Posted by on Oct 14th 2017

    it's more of a must fix than a mod. You're fixing something that should've came factory. I really does change the game. Especially with my sport, having to go from redline 4th gear to a hard turn downshift to 2nd. That grind because of all that heat is very dangerous. And can be a very costly repair. This will solve all your issues. Unless user error of course.

  5. Wow 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Oct 13th 2017

    What a difference from stock. This completely got rid of the stock delay that Honda designed into their cmc and slave. Definitely recommend this upgrade if you like running hard or racing.

  6. night and day difference. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Sep 25th 2017

    I had 2nd gear lockout at above 6k rpm in my mugen. Wouldnt shift from 1-2 past that, and sometimes 2-3. got pretty annoying, and had me starting to worry it was something more serious.

    Bought this, had the rod swapped to the hardmotion one, and installed it and the slave.

    Its a completely new car. there are 0 grinds, popouts, lockouts, etc. now. The pedal travel was also decreased, so it doesnt catch on the floor, like how mine was prior to installing this.

    I highly recommend this. Best $200 i spent, and its a quality product.

  7. a must have if your wanting to fix your 2nd and third gear grind 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jul 24th 2017

    Best upgrade and was easy to install.. highly recommend this for any 8th gen owner that wants to shift better...make sure to bench bleed before install it will save you headache and time

  8. BUY IT!!!!!! Night and Day difference. saved my life on not hating my car no more. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jun 26th 2017

    Installed it and worked flawlessly. Make sure to take the kit n pump it first to see if it works and ALSO tighten all wires because I had to take it out back and forth 3 times to see why it wasn't pumping. But I RECOMMEND to pump it before installing it. Will save you headaches. Took me 4 hours to install, could have taken less if I didn't mess up a couple times. But everything worked and all you need to do next was adjust your clutch petal to your liking.

  9. Make Sure you bench bleed!!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on May 24th 2017

    Great product, no more lockouts! It is imperative that you bench need the cbc before installing, I learned the hard way by installing everything, bleeding, and wondering why I didn't have any pedal pressure, I failed to read the directions the first time lol. Awesome product!

  10. 9th gen cmc is still a pain 5 Star Review

    Posted by on May 12th 2017

    Tried the 9th gen cmc, you have to adjust the crap out of it to get it to work and it still has the delay so you have to modify or pay for one and it costs more. EM1 is easier, got the job done. Just be sure to replace your slave like hardmotion advises. The total system is crap, replace it all and all your shifting problems will go away.

    Works on literally any car too, rsx, tsx, 8th, 9th gen.

Showing reviews 1-10 of 14 | Next

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